12/8/2018  Thomas Kincaid
*  Do you have a spare door key on your belt or in your wallet?
*  You know that little tab on the inside latch of your sliding door?  Sometimes it is on top of the latch, sometimes the bottom.  The one that you can push in or pull out?  It is used to lock the door when you are inside.  Don't ever use it to lock your truck when you are leaving though.  The little tab freezes the exterior door handle in place, and there is NO WAY you can open it from the outside.  Keep an eye on your customers, some like to stand there and play with that little tab.  If they push it in and leave it in, and you get out without noticing and close the door, you are locked out.  It is a good practice to always yank the inside handle whenever you are leaving the truck to make sure the little tab is out.  Try it, you'll see - push the tab in and see what the door handle does.  it won't move.
*  if you have fluorescent lights, try not to turn them on and off rapidly.   If you turn them on, leave them on at least 3 - 5 minutes.  Every time you turn them off and on, you shorten the life of the ballast.  Shorten, is that a word?  Some people say it is better for the life of the lights to just leave the lights on all day.  Which leads to...
*  Plug your truck in every night if you can.  Leaving the lights on while sitting runs down the batteries (not nearly as much when you have LED lights though).  Driving charges both your truck and coach batteries, but you might not drive enough to get a good charge on your coach batteries.   Be sure and select the switch on your panel (if it isn't automatic) to change over to 110 volt power, otherwise you aren't charging.
*  With deadbolt locks, be careful to ensure the pins are up and out of the way when you close the door.  Sometimes you can straighten them back up but not always.
*  And speaking of deadbolts, please use them.  You have to call me for the reason why.  Tom, 770-277-1316.