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Cab Chassis / Box Truck
11/26/2018 Thomas Kincaid
The Cab Chassis / Box truck consists of a truck cab with a body in back mounted on frame rails. The factory designed cab is comfortable, the flat floor means interior layouts can be more custom without limitations. Click on the title to read more.
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Featured Listings
2016 Freightliner MT 45
2016 Freightliner MT45
Fresno, CA
Odometer 133,344
Price $58,000.00
22' MT55 Freightliner
2007 Freightliner MT55
Rowley, MA
Odometer 182,000
Price $35,000.00
22’ Cab Chassis M2
2005 Freightliner M2
Billings, MT
Odometer 378,455
Price $26,000.00
2015 Isuzu LOW MILES Southern truck
2015 Isuzu NQR
White House, TN
Odometer 97,000
Price $35,000.00
2010 Freightliner MT45 Pre DEF
2010 Freightliner MT45
San Jose, CA
Odometer 116,135
Price $30,000.00
2017 freightliner m2 20' with 35k miles
2017 Freightliner M2
Royse City, TX
Odometer 35,461
Price $100,000.00
2011 Freightliner MT45
Pompano Beach, FL
Odometer 117,247
Price $28,000.00
2012 International Terrastar
2012 International Terrastar
Arroyo Grande, CA
Odometer 144,915
Price $34,950.00
2009 MT55 18ft Air Ride PRE DEF Low Miles
2009 Freightliner MT55
Concord, CA
Odometer 93,180
Price $58,000.00
HINO 22ft like new
2014 Hino 268
Gloucester, VA
Odometer 73,685
Price $115,000.00
2012 Isuzu NQR
Redwood City, CA
Odometer 115,000
Price $30,000.00
 18ft tool truck, new engine, approved for new start!
2014 Isuzu NPR
Lancaster, PA
Odometer 68,000
Price $55,000.00
California 2010 MT45 Pre DEF
2010 Freightliner MT45
Huntington Beach, CA
Odometer 145,856
Price $15,000.00
2016 international Wide box Low Miles 18' DNJ up-fitted Pass through cab & chassis
2016 International Terrastar
Sarasota, FL
Odometer 98,277
Price $49,500.00
2022 Freightliner M2
2022 Freightliner M2
Burleson, TX
Odometer 21,660
Price $140,000.00
2016 Freightliner M2 20'
2016 Freightliner M2
Wittmann, AZ
Odometer 131,000
Price $85,000.00
2014 MT55 20 ft. Freightliner Step Van
2014 Freightliner MT55
Meridian, ID
Odometer 81,400
Price $87,000.00
2018 Ford F650 18'
2018 Ford F650
Hickory, NC
Odometer 97,000
Price $65,000.00
2020 M2 20' Matco Custom
2020 Freightliner M2
Sauk Village, IL
Odometer 101,000
Price $115,000.00