About Us - What We Do at ToolTrucks.com

ToolTrucks.com is an online classifieds marketplace for buyers and sellers of New and Used Tool Trucks and Tool Trailers. Trucks that are upfitted by highly skilled truck builders for a particular purpose are known as "Specialty Trucks", and a Tool Truck is the ultimate Specialty Vehicle.

A Tool Truck, a veritable mobile showroom, is necessary to run a mobile tool business, and they are also sought after for modification for use i other industries.  Look for former Tool Trucks as food trucks, car wash supply, mobile vehicle service and more.

We are a "For Sale by Owner" venue. Search our listings for trucks nationwide.

 A passion for Tool Trucks and the tool business runs through all these pages. That's probably why:

 * All of the current Tool Truck builders advertise here or have in the recent past.

* We have appeared in the #1 spot on Google and other top search engines almost since the beginning.
* We have helped owners sell over $100 million of Tool Trucks and Trailers since 2004.
* There have been sales reported in all 50 US states, Canada, and a few trucks have even gone to Europe.

We offer services such as a Tool Truck Parts Store, Leasing and Delivery, and all kinds of Tool Truck and Tool Trailer info. The owners experience in the industry goes back to the early 1980s.

It helps that we love your industry and the trucks you drive. This is not a job, it is fun!

How it Works:

Our Home page displays the newest listings.

The "Search" page is your main starting point. You can view and sort the ads by Tool company, year, make, and location.

To Sell: Go to the "Sell" page via the menu at the top of every page.  Create your free account.  Click on Add Listing and the ad entry form will walk you through the process of placing an ad. After payment and review, your ad will be up and running by the next business day. We also point people to your listing via our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ToolTrucks/

Do they sell? Yes, an average of 30 per month since we started.

With every listing, you get our personal touch: a fast response to your questions - we return every call, answer every email - self service updates to your ad info, and our selling tips, along with words of support and encouragement. That's big - we are here if you need us. We will also edit your ad comments for clarity and make paragraphs where needed, so don't worry if you are not Longfellow, we'll help.

My Story - Short Version

Hi guys, this is Tom Kincaid. I was with GE Capital Fleet Services out of Eden Prairie MN, leasing Tool Trucks for many years. We were the industry leader in units leased across all four tool companies until the company made a business decision in 2003 to move away from individual leasing to concentrate on the "Fleet". If you have been in the business more than ten years, we probably did some business together and I'm glad you are now a Tool Industry veteran! I speak with people every week who leased their first truck through us. "Oh yes, I remember you, you're that Tom Kincaid, how you been?". I am glad to say I get that a lot and knowing people in the business for many years is one of the things that makes being in this industry so special. I cherish the relationships developed over the years.

Special thanks to my wife Denise, Jerry Gormley, TPC, , Foy, Mr. Fossett, Neuman, Rick S, Maggie, John the Hockey player, Charlie, Tommy the Green Beret, the two Jims, Derrick, Katie, Jan Rovner, Larry Sherstad, Dan Gilmore, John "Tractor" Schmitt, Dose, Raber, and many many more people - thanks for your encouragement, friendship, help, industry knowledge, inspiration, everything! If I left anyone out you will be added soon!

Thanks and Happy Looking!

Tom Kincaid
Creator, ToolTrucks.com
Atlanta, GA