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ToolTrucks.com is an online classifieds marketplace for buyers and sellers of New and Used Tool Trucks and Tool Trailers. Trucks that are upfitted by highly skilled truck builders for a particular purpose are known as "Specialty Trucks". A Tool Truck is necessary to run a mobile tool business, and are also sought after for modification into other industries, such as a food truck, restaurant supply vehicle complete with knife sharpening area, car wash supply, mobile service and more.

We are a "For Sale by Owner" venue. Search our listings for trucks nationwide.

A passion for Tool Trucks and the tool business runs through all these pages. That's probably why:

* All of the current Tool Truck builders advertise here or have in the recent past.
We have appeared in the #1 spot on Google and other top search engines almost since the beginning.
* We have helped owners sell over $100 million of Tool Trucks and Trailers since 2004.
* There have been sales reported in all 50 US states, Canada, and a few trucks have even gone to Europe.

We offer services such as a Tool Truck Parts Store, Leasing and Delivery, Escrow, and all kinds of Tool Truck and Tool Trailer info. The owners experience in the industry goes back to the early 1980s.

It helps that we love your industry and the trucks you drive. This is not a job, it is fun!

How it Works:

Our Home page displays the 8 newest listings.

The "For Sale" page is your main starting point. You can view and sort the ads by Tool company, year, make, and location.

To Sell: Go to the "Sell" page via the menu at the top of every page and the ad entry form will walk you through the process of placing an ad. After payment and review, your ad will be up and running by the next business day. We also point people to your listing via our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ToolTrucks/

Do they sell? Yes, an average of 30 per month since we started.

With every listing, you get our personal touch: a fast response to your questions - we return every call, answer every email - self service updates to your ad info, and our selling tips, along with words of support and encouragement. That's big - we are here if you need us. We will also edit your ad comments for clarity and make paragraphs where needed, so don't worry if you are not Longfellow, we'll help.

My Story - Short Version

Hi guys, this is Tom Kincaid. I was with GE Capital Fleet Services out of Eden Prairie MN, leasing Tool Trucks for many years. We were the industry leader in units leased across all four tool companies until the company made a business decision in 2003 to move away from individual leasing to concentrate on the "Fleet". If you have been in the business more than ten years, we probably did some business together and I'm glad you are now a Tool Industry veteran! I speak with people every week who leased their first truck through us. "Oh yes, I remember you, you're that Tom Kincaid, how you been?". I am glad to say I get that a lot and knowing people in the business for many years is one of the things that makes being in this industry so satisfying. I cherish the relationships developed over the years. The longer version of the story is below if you are curious.

Our Story

Tom Kincaid is the creator of ToolTrucks.com. "After college and with a degree in accounting, I took a job at Plaza Pontiac as assistant controller, mainly because I love all things automotive and it was a good fit for my interests and abilities. I liked the dealership environment but the hours were long. I was soon attracted to the growing automotive leasing industry and went to work for Gelco Corp, working for Foy Thompson. Foy taught me a lot about how to treat the customer: return calls promptly, do what you said you would do, and offer a solution. We got into Tool Truck leasing in a big way and fast forward, Gelco Corp became GE Capital Fleet Services. From 1991 on, our Tool Truck lease portfolio really grew in size. We leased new trucks from all the truck builders, at one time having over 3,400+ vehicles and about $120 million in our portfolio. I worked in the Commercial Transportation / Specialty Markets Group, where we concentrated on the Tow, Tool, and Tire Truck Markets; Medium Duty Trucks and Buses, typically to small companies and individual lessees. As a group we did a lot of business; over $1 billion in assets were on our books in the mid-1990s.

Of course with any large portfolio like the Tool Truck portfolio there is naturally some turnover in vehicles as individual dealers and distributors seek to upgrade, downsize, enter, and exit the tool business. A large part of ensuring that our Tool Truck Lease Program remained successful was keeping the trucks on the road and "burning gas", not sitting somewhere, so by necessity selling used trucks became second nature to me. I really grew to love the remarketing end of the business.

Today it seems like the Web has always been with us, but 1990 was pre-Internet, so mailers and brochures were the standard of the day. This meant getting the word out on what we had in inventory by compiling a list, printing, copying, stapling, folding, and mailing the list to prospective buyers. With the lag in mailing time and additions and subtractions, the list grew more outdated every day and by months end it was hardly the same list we had sent out. In other words, it was a real pain keeping it current, and there had to be a better way but no one (not even Al Gore) had invented it yet. The used truck idea that became ToolTrucks.com was forming in my mind gradually, even if I didn't know what it would look like in it's final form. I don't even think I consciously knew it was forming.

Sometime in the early 1990's, I got an AOL account and discovered the internet and websites. I somehow managed to reserve the domain name "ToolTrucks.com" in 1998, not really knowing what I was going to do with it, but I liked the way it sounded. In 1998 I was going to graduate school and needed a project for my E-Commerce marketing class. Not knowing what I was doing or if it would go anywhere, I created a fictitous website for used truck sales and parts and named it ToolTrucks.com. Little did I know.....

I asked to put a list of GE's used tool trucks on a portion of GE's website, which at the time was just a few pages. We all thought posting inventory online was cutting edge, and it probably was at the time. People began to see the listings and called about them. Paper truck lists slowly went away.

By 2000 and beyond, we were doing a lot of business with all of the tool companies, and had expanded into related industries where independent contactors - FedEx Ground, Pepperidge Farms, Excel Logistics, etc. - used a specialized truck in their business. In early 2003 GE Capital Fleet Services announced that it was going to concentrate on it's Fleet business with corporate lessees and move away fom individual and small business leasing. The thinking was, why have 4,000 vehicles with 4,000 lessees when you can have one account with 4,000 vehicles and one lessee? Which costs less to administer? I certainly see the logic there; a lot less paperwork for one thing. This meant that certain leasing groups that worked with small business within Fleet Services would be closed. The Tow portfolio was sold, Buses and Medium-Duty trucks transferred to another GE business, and the Tire and Tool portfolios stopped leasing new trucks. Both accounts were put in "wind-down" mode, where used trucks where generally sold instead of re-leased, and existing leases were allowed to "run off" their remaining term until paid off. The company ultimately closed our Specialty Markets Division, and my last day was September 30, 2003; I was literally the last employee to leave our group. I have nothing but positive things to say about my time at GE Capital Fleet Services. I worked with some great people like Jerry Gormley, Tom Callahan, Alexandrine Harris, and many more, people who inspired me to do more. I was fortunate to wear a lot of hats during my time there. I was involved in new business development, account management, pre-screened applications, and of course, asset re-marketing. I learned and absorbed a lot from a lot of smart people, but all good things must come to an end.

So now it's October 2003. I liked the idea of doing more of everyday business on the Internet. I sent my resume to several companies whose work I admired, in particular AutoTrader.com. Unfortunately the Auto Trader inquiry didn't go anywhere but my desire to do something with Online Classifieds was still there and growing. I had my MBA now and was intrigued by the idea of Internet advertising, and having worked on the school project and advertising on GE's website, by December I finally realized what ToolTrucks.com could be when it grew up. Through an old friend from high school, Jim Mitchell, I found a more-than-able webmaster, Jim Davidson, and we started laying out the website. I knew what I wanted to see and say but not how to do it technically. GE had provided a severance package, but I wanted ToolTrucks.com to stand on it's own, so I raised the money to pay for Jim D's services by selling childhood toys and extras around the house on EBay (more ecommerce training). We had ToolTrucks.com up and running by March 2004 with 15 truck ads, and off we went. As of this writing (April 2014) we have had over 3,800 ads and approximately $82 million in reported sales. It was fun then and still is fun now! It is my pleasure to work with you and we abide by the golden rule here, the classic one about treating you how we would like to be treated. I consider ToolTrucks.com to be a community of like-minded people doing what they enjoy doing. It's not really work when you like it"

Special thanks to Denise, Jerry Gormley, TPC, "Alex", Foy, Mr. Fossett, Neuman, Rick S, Maggie, John the Hockey player, Charlie, Tommy the Green Beret, the two Jims, Derrick, Katie, Jan Rovner, Larry Sherstad, Dan Gilmore, John "Tractor" Schmitt, Dose, Raber, and many many more people - thanks for your encouragement, friendship, help, industry knowledge, inspiration, everything! If I left anyone out you will be added soon!

Thanks and Happy Looking!

Tom Kincaid
Creator, ToolTrucks.com
Atlanta, GA