SOLD 18' I bought this Step Van new in 2010 and it's Pre-Emissions. No DEF!

ID# 007019
Stephens City, VA 22655-5711
United States
2007 Freightliner MT45
Body Length
Rear Body
Security Door/Screen in Step Van
Interior Builder
Air Conditioning
Box AC Engine Driven - 1 unit
Hot Water Heater
1600 Lbs
Toolbox Openings
82 inches
62 inches
38 inches
Title Status
Clear Title
Matco Tools
New or Used
VIN Number
OK to Text Seller
One Owner
Cash Sale
5 Shelves each side
Flipup Shelves on top one side
Reconfigurable Shelving
Carpeted Walls
L Shape Desk
Hammer Rack
Three Tool Box Openings
Removable Shelves in Box Openings
Flat Alum Plate in Box Openings
Black Dot Floor
Power Roof Vent
Dual Rear Doors
Power Locks
Finance Terms
This beautiful low mileage truck has less than 10 years use on it! This is the last truck I bought and I have now retired after 28 years in the tool business. Although my 1997 MT55 was working fine, I purchased this one new in 2010 because it was probably the last new old school, untitled, pre-emissions, un-built 5.9 Cummins powered step van left in the country. And then I only drove it a little more than 10,000 miles a year. The total miles are under 124,000, which is low for the year.

Nothing beats a step van for being easy to work out of. They are low to the ground and you can walk around freely inside. It has Easy entry access with only 2 gradual steps, which is easy on the knees and hips, both for the driver of this truck and the customers climbing aboard. Low-pro tires too, no need for a pull out step. Because the sales floor is only approximately 21" above the pavement, compared to over 43" for the typical cab chassis truck, it's not much of a climb up.

As a long time master tech (over 17 years) I did all the maintenance work myself. I prefer to know what the quality is of the job done, and the best way for me to know that was to do the job myself. Like my previous Cummins / Allison combo tool truck, it needed little more than routine maintenance.

True story, and a major reason why I wanted anther old school pre-emissions 5.9 Cummins: I accidentally drove my previous truck into a flooded area during a heavy rain. Water was literally coming in at the sliding side door, and I said "uh oh" as the engine died and I got stuck there. The engine was hydro-locked. When the wrecker got there I had to do some scuba driving to hook up the cable.

When I got it home I removed the intake hose to the engine and purged the water by hand. It started right up and ran like nothing happened. Not many motor manufactures could have made that claim.

The Four 6v interior batteries and all tires are nearly new. It has a power roof vent, square sine wave inverter with remote and 4 receptacles, 2 land lines, and four 12v outlets. Plus the simplicity and economy of engine powered heat front and rear, and A/C with 2 evaporators.

The custom interior features a large display area under the windshield with a lockable drawer as well as on the engine cover. A full length shelf runs above the windshield. Two laced display cases greet customers on ether side of the entry steps. The one at the front is hinged to reveal a hidden storage area. The other has 5 adjustable/removable shelves. An angled hammer holder/creeper storage on the curb side provides unobstructed sight lines , and allows you to monitor traffic coming and going from the L- shaped desk, which positions you facing the full length of your showroom.

Notice the lack of shelf end bulkheads that doesn't block your view and light. With a catalog shelf above and 12 drawers below, the desk has a hanging file drawer on the 13" depth stack. The 29" side has a magnetic repair drawer, adjustable dividers parts drawer, and a broken tool drawer that can hold 32" long tools. With a shelf above and a wide 24" drawer below, the 33 fitting power tool display keeps them all clustered for easy viewing. There's even 15 additional holders on the fully laced ceiling. The 82" and 62" box openings feature smooth aluminum floors and 2 removable shelves above each.

The 38" opening has 2 removable shelves above and is expandable to 62" by taking out 2 more removable sections. Those shelves in addition to the 5 shelf per side, with flip-ups on the driver side, measure up to 173" in total length ensuring you won't run out of shelf space. There are 4 open cubbyholes on the floor. Far more useful than floor drawers as they can be used for floor jacks, welders, jack stands, and other bulky items you need your customer to see without hogging shelf space. 2 glove boxes, 35" wide isle, pry bar holder behind seat, 2 ceiling mounted vice grip racks, glove display, alarm, deadbolt, cruise control, and power door lock are all part of the package.

Note: I generally used the truck with 3 of the 8 removable shelf sections removed, as in the photos. In the video they are all in.

This 45 is available now, let's talk. if you are looking for a special truck to spend a lot of time in with maintenance all up to date, let's definitely talk. No def, no converters, Old school!
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