Vehicle Inspection

Inspections are available for a Tool Truck you are considering purchasing. In conjunction with a CarFax report (purchased separately), you can get a better picture of the condition of a vehicle.

Alliance Inspection Management (AIM) is a nationwide company that utilizes trained company employees who travel to a sellers location and inspect a Tool Truck using a 150-point inspection process. Using employees instead of contractors ensures that every inspection follows a tried and true consistent procedure, developed and perfected in the course of 35,000,000+ inspections. Many of the inspectors are former Techs who like to inspect Tool Trucks; after looking one over they almost always call me and ask if we have any more. A Tool Truck is a lot more interesting than a Ford cargo van!

What does AIM look at? Here is a testimonial from a happy customer:

"When we submitted our inspection form online, besides the standard 150-point inspection, we were encouraged to include any special requests we might have. Tom had told me to ask for a "Tool Truck" inspection, so we asked in writing that the inspectors open up the rear of the truck and check the lighting and give us an overall opinion of the interior. Open and close the drawers, turn on the AC, operate the Liftgate, things like that. We received notification that our request had been received and the inspection was scheduled within 48 hours of our request. AIM inspectors took lots of photos of the interior as well of the exterior, and they take good notes. Our inspection report was available online within about 24 hours. When I saw the report it was almost like I was standing there myself".

A commercial vehicle inspection is less than $200. AIM also inspects RVs, and we like to think of a Tool Truck interior as a form of commercial RV, with its lighting and climate control. If you are thinking of traveling to look at a truck, or of buying one sight unseen, you can take some of the uncertainty out of the process by scheduling an inspection. You can get more information on an AIM inspection by clicking here or on the graphic below. The website is written primarily toward auto inspections, but after looking around the website if you decide to place an order, just select the commercial vehicle inspection.

Please note: to request an inspection, you will need the sellers contact information, truck location, the VIN, and a date and time it will be available. Inspections are done Monday - Friday. Thank you!

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